Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Get Your First Customers

When you’re ready to start thinking about selling to your customers, remember that people buy from emotion, and then justify their purchases with logic. So the easiest way to sell your product is to get your customers excited about your idea and clearly show the benefits and features. Most customers will want and look for the benefits of your product, while the features are mostly there just for comfort.

And once you do get your first customer, remember that it’s five times easier to sell something to an existing customer than finding a new one, so be sure to take very good care of your customers once you have their loyalty.
How do you make your customers happy enough to stick around with you? You need to exceed their expectations and always treat them well. Remember that if you only receive one complaint, it probably means there were at least nine others who were dissatisfied but didn’t go through the effort to complain. This is because typically only one out of ten dissatisfied customers will actually complain if they are unhappy, so that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing a fantastic job if you only have a few complaints. Your goal should be to have no complaints and even have your customers so satisfied with your product that they are either willing to invest in your company or market it to their peers.

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