Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CareMerge Interns

I'm helping to lead the effort to find an intern to help out with CareMerge's marketing efforts in the next few months/summer as we're getting ready for trade shows and ramping up customers.

See below for the Company's website and short description:

Caremerge is a provider of world’s first complete set of web and mobile apps for senior living facilities. Our solutions help reduce costs, improve market differentiation and increase regulatory compliance We help our customers accomplish this by improving communication and collaboration with on-site / off-site decision makers (doctors, families, etc.) and streamlining paper.based care coordination workflows through software automation. (www.caremerge.com)

I'll be at Chicago's Booth B-School Start-up Networking Night on Wednesday, April 4th, so if you might be interested, feel free to stop by and learn more about CareMerge and other local startups who are looking to hire interns.

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